About Us

The Company

The Jambuster apps are made by Smart City Data Limited. Smart City Data Ltd is a UK company and provides mobile apps, consultancy services and Big Data information services about London Traffic.

Why did we build the apps

We live, work and breathe London so understand what it’s like to drive in London. We know the frustrations of being stuck in traffic jams that you could have avoided even with a few minutes’ notice.

We built the first Jambuster app for ourselves, so we didn’t get stuck near the Blackwall Tunnel for two hours (yet again!). We liked the results so much we thought we’d make it available to other people.


We want to reduce traffic jams in London. Reducing traffic jams means less pollution, it means less wasted fuel, it means a lot less stress for drivers. It means we get where we need to get to, when we want to without feeling stressed and hassled.

However we recognise that people do need to drive in London and that we need to move traffic along as quickly and safely as possible. We hope our app will play some small part in keeping London, one of the world’s great cities, moving.