We currently have two different apps available, Jambuster and Jambuster Blackwall Tunnel. 

Each app works slightly differently and is aimed at drivers with different needs. 

If you drive mostly through the Blackwall Tunnel each day, then we'd suggest that you download Jambuster Blackwall Tunnel. Simply download the app from either the Apple or Google Stores. Tell the app what times of the day you travel and that's it, we'll send you updates for the Blackwall Tunnel and surrounding areas immediately there's a problem. As well as the Blackwall Tunnel, we also monitor the Limehouse Link, the Rotherhithe Tunnel, north and south of the Blackwall Tunnel as well as the Woolwich Ferry and will send you updates for those areas as well. You can quickly and easily choose which areas to monitor in the app.

If you tend to do lots of travel around London and have many different journeys that you regularly do, then we'd suggest you download JambusterJambuster doesn't have any routes built in, you teach it the routes you travel and when. So if you regularly travel along the A40 to Paddington, then you'd start recording once you leave home and stop recording once you get to work, save the route and then set the times that you want notifications for and that's it! You can have as many routes saves as you like, you only need to record the journey in one direction and we do all the rest for you.

That's the main differences between the apps, you still have all the same information about what's happening in London, we've just streamlined the main Jambuster app for Blackwall Tunnel drivers. 

We are aware of the screen issues using the new iPhone X. Our apps don't scale properly to use the iPhone's full screen. We are working on a fix and should have one ready shortly.