Personalised Updates

All the Jambuster apps have a unique and sophisticated notification system to provide you with fast, appropriate and relevant traffic information. It's no good knowing about a problem, if we can't keep you up to date!

If you use the Jambuster app, simply teach the app your common journeys and when you travel them; these could be routes to work or social locations. It's quick, simple and easy. Simply drive and we do the rest. 

Once you've taught the system your routes, every time we update traffic information, normally every three to five mins, we explicitly check to see if any of those traffic incidents are on any of the routes you travel, at the times you travel. If we find anything, we send you an notification directly to your phone.

If you're not using the app, we stop sending updates to your phone after about 15 mins so we don't clog up the phone. We clear our old notifications away so you only have fresh and new ones.

If you use any of our other apps, such as Jambuster Blackwall Tunnel, then you simply choose when you get updates.

We try to be as unobtrusive as possible and not to nag you. We just want to keep you up to date and travelling easily.