Congestion Zone and Dartford Bridge Charge

Average Speed Cameras are becoming more and more common across London. The cameras work in daylight and at night and are 100% digital so they don't run out of film. Just to make life even more interesting, which cameras work out your average speed is not clear.

Many people do not seem to understand that your average speed is worked out across the distance between a pair of cameras. They exceed the speed limit, slow down for the average camera and then speed up. Sadly this technique will not work and they are more than likely to get a ticket!

Whilst the signage for these zones is prominent and clear, it's easy to exceed the average speed, especially when there's no traffic so all our Jambuster apps track when you enter the average speed zone and will display your average speed when you are in it.

We use the app screen to display your current average speed and the maximum average speed so you know how fast you are going.

We can't guarantee to save your license but we will help keep you informed.