Highly configurable

Everybody is different, so the way you use all the Jambuster apps is unique to you. Our Jambuster apps are highly configurable and can be setup just to show the information you want.

If you're a black cab driver and not interested in the Congestion Zone, turn it off. If you only want the latest updates, configure the app to only show the last four hours of incidents. 

We have a shortcut menu on the main page that allows you to only show Red, Amber or Green Notifications, recent disruptions, all disruptions, Congestion Zone monitoring.

Use the Setting screen to really fine tune what you want to see. e.g. hide all long term road works, hide everything more than 5 miles from your current position, use kilometres rather than miles.

We even show you help for every option so you know exactly what it does.

There's lots of options to make our Jambuster apps work just the way you do!