Upgrading your app - Why you need to...

Our latest app upgrade makes a lot of changes to our backend servers. We’ve taken the opporunity to streamline processes to make them faster and more reliable. We’ve also changed the way we send notifications to you. These are now a few seconds faster and we now have more flexibility about the what we send to you. This rewrite has taken a long time amd should allow us to expand to give you even more useful information.

We have also had to restrict the versions of iOS and Android that we support. Our logs show that most of you are using the latest versions of iOS and Android. Supporting old applications is hard work and we had to make a decision not to support older systems. This is now the time.

However ours app are still 100% free, still no subscriptions, still no in-app purchases, still no nagging hints to buy and absolutely no annoying adverts.

What's Jambuster and why should I use it?

 Jambuster is a new breed of app that uses Artifical Intelligence to help you drive around London. We know how difficult it is to to get around London on the best of days, it can be a nightmare when it all goes wrong and it frequently does.

We try to make things easier for you, by doing all the hard work about finding what's going on, what the problems are, where they are, analyse this infomation using our AI Engine so we give you the most up to date information we can, to make driving easier.

Jambuster is a not a sat-nav app, sat-navs are OK when things go right, when things go wrong, they might offer simple detours or do nothing to help you. Jambuster is different, it analyses every traffic incident, it works out how bad the incident is, it tries to predict when an incident will clear and where you are in relation to the incident and if it's relevant to you. It can then send you a notification alerting you that there's a problem. For example we monitor the Blackwall Tunnel, any issues and we can immediately send you a notification, you don't even have to be using the app. Of course you can set our apps up, so that we only send you notifications at the times you want, e.g. going to and from work.

Our main Jambuster app can learn your common routes to and from work, or to the gym or wherever you regularly travel. The Jambuster Blackwall Tunnel app is specifically for people who travel through the Blackwall Tunnel on a regular basis.

We've developed our own advanced programs to do real time analysis of every incident, we use Big Data analytics to work through every Jambuster Hotspot so we can estimate and predict how long a disruption may take to clear.

All our apps work on recent Android and Apple smartphones. Check out the Features page for more information.

Best of all, all ours app are 100% free, no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, no nagging hints to buy and no annoying adverts.